UW-Madison Featured In Super Bowl Commercial!

Who's a good boy?

January 29, 2020
(actual dog not pictured)

(This is not Scout. This is a stock image photo.)


Last year there was a WeatherTech commercial that aired during the Super Bowl - and it starred a Golden Retriever, named Scout.  Scout belongs to the CEO of WeatherTech. 

We'd do anything for our pets, right?  I know I would.  What happens when your pet gets sick, or heaven forbid gets CANCER? That's what happened to Scouit.  Last summer they found a tumor on his heart.  

Sick Dog
(This is not scout, this is also a stock image. For feels.)

When you're the CEO of WeatherTech, you have your dog sent to the best of the best, and that happened to be the veterinary school at UW Madison!  

They developed a treatment plan that has almost ELIMINATED Scout's tumor!  

See?  Now you don't have to watch the game on Sunday.  You can just go about your day.