Have you heard about the new game, "Throw Throw Burrito"?

It was my first "kickstarter" investment...

July 17, 2019

It started back in February.  I kept seeing the Instagram ads, and the articles on my facebook feed.  “Throw Throw Burrito”.  Anyone who knows me, knows my admiration for the meat sleeping bag is deep and passionate.  To say that I love burritos would be an understatement.  It’s just the perfect food.  But what the hell is “Throw Throw Burrito”? 

Here’s the only thing I knew. 

“You throw burritos at things.”

For $35?  Sure. 

I’d never done a kickstarter before.  The concept of just giving money towards something that, at the time, didn’t even exist.  It was just an idea…

If you’re unfamiliar with crowdfunding things like Kickstarter, basically you have an idea – you tell the internet the idea, and if people like it – they donate money towards you getting your idea off the ground.  People that kick you money are given incentives such as a first copy of your product or idea.  In this case, my $35 guaranteed me a prototype version of the game, along with the actual store version of the game once its complete. They were already doing pretty well with backing this idea...

I donated in February and it said “Expected to ship September 2019”.  Sweet!  Something to look forward to after the summer.

Then the emails started coming in…I was given project updates and as the funds came in, they were able to expand the game in a couple different ways. 

ooohhh - I high quality foam!

SWEET More cards!

Another kickstarter email...

Then ass they got more “backers” and they met their fundraising goal, then exceeded their goal, they were able to get to production of the game.  It must have been going AWESOME – because they sent me this shipping update on July 8…

Uh oh....its July...is this going to be postponed? Did they SWINDLE me??!

So I click the link...expecting disappointment...

EARLY SHIPPING!?? that NEVER happens!!


Then it arrived. The thing is, I still really had no idea what I was getting…except a few foam burritos and some cute playing cards. The game touts itself as a combination of part card game, part dodgeball. Here’s the package I received…the “Kickstarter Prototype” version. 

Came with some cute burritos…

Some playing cards….with clever characters on them.

The point of the game is to get three sets of matches…and of course to have burrito battles and throw these little foam fellas at each other.  What fun!

If you get hit with a burrito, you lose the battle and get one of these:

Here are some more of the cards that you can match…haha! 

And when you win…you get the “fear me” badge.

The “Store version” is pretty much the same…just a little bit of a bigger box and the burritos have very “anime” type eyes…

They even sent a nice thank you pin for backing their project and contributing to the creation of the game.  

How nice!

They even had a custom packing slip with my name on it, and some cats that tried to destroy my house with a burrito...

lol @ "Franklin Mountains" and "Wisconsin Lake"

Once I figure out how to play, its going to be much more fun…but for now, I’ve got these goofy ass cards, and some pretty dope ass plush burritos. 

Oh - and here's a video of me throwing one at Alley.  

@riggsradio bought a new game... Throw Throw Burrito! ------

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Throw Throw Burrito.  Weaponizing Mexican food since 2019. 

I wish I could eat these...

It's kind of complicated, the rules, but I think you can just make up your own rules as you go along...isn't that how games work? 

Here's an egregiously long video of the game makers playing by THEIR rules...if you have the time...

Thanks, internet!  And thanks, Exploding Kittens.  

If anything, I can just hurl these burritos at Alley and Gibbons when they make me angry.  Even if I never find out how to play the game by the rules..

Talk to you in the morning, 


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