Steve Aoki Dives Deep from Telekinesis to the Best Cakings Ever (Just Before Summerfest)!

Have you eaten at Pizzaoki? The closest location is in Chicago!

June 30, 2019

When I heard that Mr. Aoki (aka Steve Aoki) was going to join us for our Summerfest Pre-Party, I knew I had to interview him and talk about all things from technology to his cakes!

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His record label, DIM MAK, has grown far beyond just a music brand. It now represents his fashion line that he works with creative artists with (as you can see from the interview, his pants are all raved out).

Did you know, Steve Aoki also has a comic book series (“Neon Future”)?! They are on issue 4 with comic books all over the country!

His most intriguing piece of technology that is out (in the public) now, the idea of telekinesis! The ability to move things with your mind! He says that telekinesis is SCIENCE FACT! What?!

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Mr. Aoki then went on to explain (seriously, watch the entire interview above!); basically, think about the technology that allows a person to move his wheelchair with his mind, it’s already a thing (it’s old tech)! Speaking of brain science and research, he also has the Aoki Foundation – Save The Brain!

In Mr. Aoki’s words, they work “to find cures for degenerative brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.”  He went on to say that the sad truth is, “when you hit 75, you have a 50/50 chance to get a brain degenerative disease.”

I also asked him how he balances all that he does and he said that you need to work with the tools that you have in front of you and it will compound over time. He admits that not everything has worked, but those stories don’t get told.

We aren’t seeing all of his fails, he says that he has plenty of failures (roughly 90% of the time) and then “the 10% that actually is out there, people think ‘wow, he made it, he’s successful…” “Well actually, that’s the 10% that actually made it.”

One of the concepts that broke through… Pizzaoki! They already have 13 kitchens (a new kitchen every month), closest one to us (right now) is in Chicago! He would like to outdo Benihana (he brought it up on his own in the interview, only took 13.5 minutes, haha) which has 72 locations across the United States, he wants 73 Pizzaoki locations!

Good thing Milwaukee has a Benihana, if he really wants to compete with his Dad, he needs to open a Pizzaoki across from that location downtown on the river!

CAKE! Let’s talk about cake. He wouldn’t give away that special sauce, but he did say that while “chocolate doesn’t look good on someone’s face” but he does like color! He wants you to be bright and colorful that your friends want to eat the cake off of your face after you’ve been caked!

He estimates that he’s caked over 15,000 people… so what stands out? There was a time the crowd picked up a guy in a wheelchair that Mr. Aoki was able to cake. He’s also particularly fond of the time that Vin Diesel caked him and there was even the time that he did a cake shoot out with J. Balvin!

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Back to the music and why we love him so much on 103.7 KISS-FM! He loves working with artists across genres and countries, while he also feeds his fans from festivals and the genre of EDM. 75% of the artists that he has reached out to have turned him down, but that won’t stop him from continuing to try! He still has a long list of musicians that he wants to work with.

Mr. Aoki says that “EDM is a global music community,” every country he goes to he really thinks about how he can “blend [his> world with their world.” It sounds like no genre is off limits to him!

Our own night guy, DJ Gee-A, wanted to know about his decision to quit drinking which brought up DJ AM’s death which Mr. Aoki used as a wakeup call to change his habits. “The clarity that I had after I quit, was insane; I then became a true artist.” He wants to create an experience that people won’t forget and being sober has helped him with that.

With DJ AM, I had to know if Mr. Aoki thought there was a voice in the community that speaks out about addiction. In the EDM world, “DJs, we don’t use the mic as our power, we use music as our power.” It’s rare to have someone openly talk about it on stage, but the DJ world is a very small-knit community and it’s actually rare to see someone at his level drinking every night. It’s a hard pace to keep up.

Mr. Aoki is a big workout and fitness guy, so to finish my time with him, I surprised our middays guy, JMatt, for his birthday. I asked Mr. Aoki to join us for a set of the 22 Pushup Challenge for the 22 veterans that die by suicide each day. JMatt has been doing this for over 900 days in a row.

Let’s chat more about the amazingness that is Mr. Aoki! You can find me on social media at @RiggsRadio (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram…)!