WATCH: Skydiving Into Lambeau Field Looks Badass!!

What a cool stunt!

August 14, 2019

© Joshua Clark/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wis. via Imagn Content Services, LLC


Football is back...and that means all the spectacle that comes along with the big NFL games. 

Fireworks, Jet Flyovers, botched National Anthem lyrics with social outrage, and of course - People PARACHUTING into NFL stadiums.  

This is a jump done out of an airplane that I myself have jumped from at Skydive Milwaukee in East Troy, Wisconsin.  

You might be saying "Riggs - why don't YOU do that?"  

A couple of reasons.  These guys have THOUSANDS of skydives to their boot.  THOUSANDS.  I may have 500, and certainly have the ability to advance my skydiving license to do this - but I just don't have the finesse these guys have to land in a freaking stadium. 

© Joshua Clark/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wis. via Imagn Content Services, LLC

It takes a good amount of skill to fly a parachute.  Landing in an open airfield is one thing, but landing a stadium with 80,000 people - that's another story.  

These guys are the all Veteran Parachute team.  They jumped from our plane, we call it "Yankee".   When I say "Our" I mean the fine humans at Skydive Milwaukee in East Troy, Wisconsin. 

This is the video a couple weeks back on Packers Family Night, and this is what it looks like to parachute into Lambeau Field.  Enjoy!

Wouldn't you know it - one of the guys has a freaking WINDOW WORLD parachute!  What a small world!  

If you ever wanna skydive with me - I don't do the "tandem" thing where I'm strapped to you, someone else does that with MUCH more experience and WAY more skydives, but I CAN jump with you at the same time, take your pics, and record your video - even give you the HIGHEST five you've ever had in your life!  lol. 

Go Pack. 

Talk to you in the morning,