Riggs had a wild night with Kiefer Sutherland...


July 3, 2019

I'm not going to lie, I was fangirl-ing on the inside...

If you have not had the opportunity to meet someone famous in person, it can go one of two ways...unbelieveably memorable, or instantly forgettable...

Sometimes when you meet someone you idolize and look up to, the experience can be less than what you imagine.  Oftentimes you are rushed into a line of people, waiting for an undetermined amount of time to just be whisked into a room for a brief handshake a “nice to meet you” and a photo, then security takes you out the door and suddenly you realize “meeting” one of your favorite celebs went faster than the blink of an eye, and your only memory is a rushed photograph and the 45 minutes you spent waiting in anticipation.  But at the end of the day, you were there.  In the same room breathing the same air as someone who up until this moment you’ve only seen them on a screen of some sort…or heard their voice on the radio. 

This story I'm about to tell you, is NOTHING like that.  In fact, it was quite the opposite.  

Summerfest has one day off – 11 days of music, and a day off in the middle…so when I heard there was a show planned (non Summerfest) for the day they were taking OFF – I was interested…then I heard WHO was doing that show on the off day, and my jaw dropped.

Kiefer Sutherland. 

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At a small intimate venue – SHANK HALL.  If you’re unfamiliar, just imagine a bar with a stage and a band…and the lead singer of that band…is freaking JACK BAUER (24). 

Now.  This is arguably one of my favorite actors from one of my favorite shows of all time, 24.  His role as Jack Bauer is still to date one of my favorite TV characters.  Badass.  Daring.  Smart. The kind of guy that made me think “I hope we have one of THOSE guys in our government somewhere.”  24 was one of the first shows I TRULY binge watched, and could not get enough of…so much so that my binging pre-dated the magical DVR, so I had to resort to BUYING THE ENTIRE SERIES ON DVD.  I even shed tears when the series came to an end. 

But Kiefer was a SINGER too?  I did my research.  Turns out he’s into writing some pretty awesome songs, and in the COUNTRY music side of things nonetheless. 


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No – he’s more country than that, though. 

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See.  That’s his sound. 

I’m not blind to the pull I have not only working for a radio station but having a wife who works in the music business as well.  She just so happens to work for a record label promotion company that is helping get the word out about Kiefer’s music.  This means her job is to get his music played on radio stations around the country…it also means she (my wife) sets up the interviews with radio stations and Kiefer Sutherland.  So, I have an ‘IN’ – and I start to get even MORE excited.  I’d have the opportunity to meet him after the show for a “quick picture”.   This brings me back to the beginning, to where those celebrity encounters can sometimes be less than awesome…but this isn't that type of celebrity encounter. 

In the back of my mind though, I know how actors and celebrities can sometimes be brief in their encounters with fans, the media, and the overall public.  I also knew it was late, and he had to leave for another show in Minneapolis the next day.  But I don’t want to get my hopes up either way.  I knew I was going to get at least a quick selfie and a hello. 

Kiefer Sutherland on stage at Shank Hall. Milwaukee, WI

His show was awesome!  The guy played for almost 90 minutes!  He’s got two albums to play.  2016’s “Down in a Hole” and his new one “Reckless & Me”.   His music is deep.  I can tell he’s really put a lot into these songs.  You can sense that about a song, you can tell the person who wrote it poured their heart and soul into the track…you can almost FEEL it. 

The show wrapped up and we were told we’d go back and meet him in about 10 minutes…ON HIS FREAKING TOUR BUS! 

Sure enough – 10 minutes later, his tour manager escorted me onto the bus where I was greeted with a warm smile and a handshake from PRESIDENT KIRKMAN…I mean, Kiefer Sutherland.  I sat down across from him, and just had a casual conversation.

If you don't know President Tom Kirkman from "Designated Survivor", allow me to introduce you to the man I wish could be our President one day...

Here I was sitting right across from him!  INSANE!!!

Internally: "Holy crap. I'm sitting across from JACK BAUER"

We chatted about his music, his record label, Ironworks, which he pretty much leaves up to his friend, Jude Cole. 

It's like I'm on 'Designated Survivor' and I'm sitting across from FREAKING PRESIDENT TOM KIRKMAN.

He had just had a free day in Milwaukee and how he spent it bouncing around downtown looking at the sculptures and picked up a lunch at the Swinging Door where he had a “one of the best French Dip sandwiches” he’s ever had.


I said “I’m sure EVERYONE asks you about a return of the show 24…”

He said “yes, they do…”

Silence for a moment…


His response?  “I’ll never say No.” 

So you’re telling me there’s a chance!  YESSS! 

He’s doing a lot of this project on his own dime, and he’s touring the country using it as an excuse for “having a drink with every person in this country,” he said jokingly. 

Quite honestly, I blacked out after that.  I think we took a selfie.

Yea, we took a selfie…One smile,


and one "serious"

It was incredible.  He was super nice.  Very talkative and HUMBLE.  Dear Hollywood and the music industry, if you want to succeed – treat your fans how Kiefer Sutherland and their crew treated us at Shank Hall this past Monday night. 

Kiefer, I wish you the best of luck moving forward – you’ve got a supporter and a fan in me for life…

Talk to you in the morning!  



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