Riggs really spent 8 hours in jail over an April Fools stunt

"M&M" sounds like "Eminem" on the radio...right?

April 1, 2019

Don't look at me. I thought the house was already on fire!


April 2003.  Chattanooga, Tennessee.  

This is my legit mugshot.  

I was 21 years old in this pic. lol

Yes.  I spent 8 hours in jail over an "M&M / Emimen" prank.  This all happened.  Very real.  Here's a link to the old article.  Gibbons was once scarred by April fools day as well.  Hear both our stories below...


And here's the 2003 VCR footage.  Yea, we didn't have a DVR yet - imagine THAT!!