Read Across America - Riggs & Gibbons read to kids at Franklin Elementary School

Because knowledge is power!

February 27, 2019

Molding the youth of Wisconsin, USA.


If you haven’t been to elementary school in the last 20 years, you may not have yet had the chance to experience “Read Across America Day”.   You may be wondering why this specific month in late Feb/early March…glad you asked… it always happens on our around Dr. Seuss’ birthday - March 2.    You know Dr. Seuss.  Cat in the Hat. 


He's also responsible for How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish.  All the whimsical wacky rhymes you remember as a kid...  

This week, classrooms across America spend time reading and having GUESTS come into read to class.  Sometimes it’s a parent, sometimes it may be a local politician like, Michelle Obama:


And sometimes, the kids get a couple of local radio hosts.  Gibbons, and myself.  

So we were asked to read at Franklin Elementary in West Allis.  

Cool joint!  We checked in, and they were clearly expecting us:  

Thanks GOODNESS they're excited to see us...we hope!

Of course we need a visitor badge to make it a legit visit.  

This is a badge we can all back.

Then we made our way the first classroom…passing by a cart of delicious healthy vegetables that I wanted to take…but Gibbons informed me those are for the kids, not for guests.  Damnit.  Michelle Obama must have already been here with all this healthy food. 

Veggie game is strong at Franklin Elementary.

I grab a quick selfie with our first class..."Team Pursuit" - a 5K class...

Sup, Team Pursuit?

...and Gibbons gets to go first….because his GIRLFRIEND’s kid happens to be in this classroom.  

Gibbons can read? Damn right.

So his girlfriend's kid obviously gets the best seat in the house. 

Gibbons and his GF's daughter, Cora

Gibbons chose one of his favorite childhood books, "Danny the Dinosaur".  Solid choice.  

Then it was my turn...I thought since it was a Dr. Suess celebration, I should choose one of his books - and my favorite is "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish".

Here goes nothing!

I forgot that this book is SOOOOOOOOOOO long.  Or maybe it just seems that long when you have 20 K5 students fidgeting and squirimg around in front of you while you navigate the Dr. Suess tongue twisters.  

Settle down, kids. This book is almost over...I think...I HOPE...

After the book was done.  FINALLY, it was time for a little Q&A.  They got to ask 'wonder' questions.  So the kids would raise their hands, and then they would stand up and ask questions...

Yes, you have a question?

What questions to 5K kids ask?  

How far do you drive to work?  (12 minutes.) Do you work at a real radio station? (Of course)  What's our favorite book? (One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish) Who is your favorite author?  (Shel Silverstein).  What do you do for fun? (Skydive).  

We were then on our way to the second classroom, where we did the same thing.  

Team Discovery in the house!

This time around, I opted to read Gibbons' book, "Danny the Dinosaur"  - which was considerably shorter and much easier on the tongue than freaking "One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish".  That's really fun to type, by the way - I just don't remember that book being so LONG!  

All in all  - we had a great time and thank the students and staff of Franklin Elemantary for welcoming us into their classrooms to spend some time molding the youth of America.  I like to think we made an impact on these kiddos.  

Happy Early Birthday, Dr. Seuss!  You're the real MVP, and the inspiration for Read Across America week.  

Talk to you in the morning, 


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