KISS-FM Is Taking A Break From Drake - No More Drake!!

Until the Bucks Beat the Toronto Raptors and Advance

May 14, 2019

Sorry, not sorry. GO BUCKS! #FearTheDeer


In case you've been living in an ice fishing shed in Minocqua, the Milwaukee Bucks are one of four remaining teams in the NBA Playoffs, and will be playing the Toronto Raptors in a 7 game series to go to the NBA FINALS.  This would be the first time the Bucks have been to the Finals since 1971! 

That means most of us have never seen the Bucks play in an NBA Finals in our entire life.  

So why are we taking a "Break from Drake"? Well first of all...he's from Toronto...and has been a VERY vocal sideline spectator.  

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See?  That's Drake.  Talking trash to an opposing team member.  Could you imagine Drake yelling at GIANNIS on the sidelines?  Talking smack?  It'll happen.  He used his "curse" on the 76ers...they LOST to the Raptors.

Oh, have you ever heard about the "Drake Curse"?  Yea, read up on that...

You might be saying to yourself "But what about Shawn Mendes?  He's from Toronto.  Why not a break from Shawn Mendes?  

Two reasons.  

1.  "Break from Shawn" doesn't have as nice of a ring to it. 

2.  He's so damn cute!  He's not standing up talking smack on the sidelines.  You don't hear of a Shawn Mendes curse, do you?  

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So we've decided that until the Bucks / Raptors series comes to an end...we are hereby taking a BREAK FROM DRAKE. 

NO MORE DRAKE ON KISS-FM.  Oh - its a song that features Drake?  Nope. Sorry.  Byeee.  We can't take that chance.  

When Toronto comes to Milwaukee, they won't be hearing any of their hometown boy on 103.7 KissFM.  Nah, son.  Keep that ish in your BEATS.  Not in OUR HOUSE. 

The Raptors can feel free to stream our normal Drake music from their couch, using our app, watching the Bucks in the NBA FINALS while they're back home in TORONTO.  

Have a seat, Drake.  Giannis, George Hill, Khris Middleton and the gang will take things from here.  

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We're taking a break from you.  Just hold on, YOU'RE going home.