DIY Hand Sanitizer - using just two ingredients and pay less than $15!

You may even have them at home already!

March 17, 2020
hand sanitizer

Look.  I'll keep this short and simple.  

First and foremost - nothing beats good old soap and water and a SOLID 20-30 second scrub. 

doja cat hand washing
Doja Cat. My fav.

But when you're on the go - in a pinch, and need a quick sanitize.  Hand Sanitizer works GREAT!  But store shelves are EMPTY in the Purell department.  

Why not make your own?  

It literally takes two ingredients.  Maybe three - but the third is optional.  

1.  Aloe Vera gel (can be the soothing kind or normal Aloe Vera gel)

2.  Isopropol Alcohol (at least 70%)

Get a plastic jar or bowl and add one part Aloe Vera Gel - Two parts Alcohol.  

MIX THE EFF out of it. 

Put in mini bottles. 

Check my video: 

Nothing beats a good old fashioned soap and water, but in a pinch and on the go - Hand sanitizer is great. Can’t find it on shelves? Make your own. It’s so easy.

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I did the whole thing for less than $15 and I've got a CRAP ton of it.  

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