"Lime" Scooters Launch in Milwaukee - new to Electric scooters? Here are 10 do's and dont's

Electric Scooter smart, my friends.

July 23, 2019

This is the PROPER way to put away your scooters. Don't ruin it for everyone, Karen.

If you’ve been downtown in the last day, you’ve probably noticed an influx of scooters.  Electric LIME scooters. 

No, Karen. Not that kind of scooter. Jeez.

According to a press release from the DPW, The City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works (DPW) has approved the first company (operator) for participation in the City’s Dockless Scooter Pilot Study (pilot). DPW expects dockless scooters from Lime will be available for use as soon as Tuesday, July 23. Lime has proposed an initial fleet of 500 scooters, with 400 scooters available in Zone 1 and 50 scooters available in Zone 2 & Zone 3. (Zone map available at https://milwaukee.gov/DocklessScooters)

Scooters everywhere!

I’ve used these before – in Washington DC and they’re awesome.  Here’s an example.  Let’s say it’s a gorgeous Summer day and you’re on Brady Street…then you remember it’s a Thursday and you wanna hit up Jazz in the park!  Rather than catching an Uber/Lyft or Taxi for $10, or walking 30 minutes, you hop on an electric scooter – unlock it for a dollar, you’re there in 8 minutes.  Total cost, approximately $2.50.  And you got some fresh air!  

Cost for renting these is as follows:  $1 to unlock the scooter, then $0.15 for each minute you are on the scooter until you complete your ride. 


Dockless scooters, is what they’re called in “government terms”.  The DPW press release also states Dockless scooter systems are privately operated and consist of self-service electric scooters made available to users on a short-term basis. Dockless scooters do not require a permanent or fixed location to reserve or return a scooter.

Yes, Karen. I see you. We all love your scooter but you're way off here...

They have rules for them during this pilot program, for example, the maximum speed limit for dockless scooters is 15 miles-per-hour. Users must obey the rules of the road and park responsibly; riding on the sidewalk is prohibited and parking on the Riverwalk is prohibited.

“We expect Lime and all scooter operators to be community partners,” said Commissioner of Public Works Jeff Polenske. “In addition to having staff in Milwaukee, operators will also be responsible for communicating with users, encouraging safe use of scooters, addressing improperly parked scooters, and properly redistributing scooters.”

DPW has communicated to Lime that they must educate their users on the proper use of scooters, including the following:

·  Riding scooters on sidewalks is prohibited and violators are subject to a fine

·  Scooters must be parked as to not impede pedestrian access

Lime is also responsible for handling all complaints, informing riders how to safely use scooters and its systems, and providing the necessary education and training. Lime customer service is available at support@limebike.com 1-888-546-3345. The company can be found online at https://www.li.me/ or on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram (@limebike).

Damnit Karen, for the last time - we're not talking about those scooters! I told you our manager left for the day. Come back tomorrow.

I'm really sorry you had to witness that.  Don't worry - Karen isn't disabled, she found that scooter at a Wal-Mart with a "free" sign on it and decided it would be a nice mode of transportation.  She thinks it's cute, but she drives into people's shins and is very rude about the whole thing.  Karen is a jerk.  I apologize.  It's not cute, Karen.  I've got bruises on my knees because of your actions.  Someone could REALLY use that rascal, Karen.  It's not meant for able-bodied human beings like you, Karen.  

We don't need to deal with her anymore, so on with the blog!

Now that you know all the official stuff, here are my personal 10 DO’s and DON’T’s for the new Electric Scooters in Milwaukee. 


1. Download the app ahead of time.  In this case, LIME.  If you have the app and your information already entered in ahead of time, it will make renting the scooter that much easier.  Just scan, unlock, and ride.  Instead of fiddling with your wallet on a busy street next to a scooter. 

Tap. Tap. Scoot, beeotch!

2. Look for them ahead of time.  When you open the app, you’ll see where you are and where other scooters are located.  Tap on a scooter and it will show you how much life is left in the battery. 

Scooters, as far as the eye can see!!

3. Bring a helmet – if you can.  I don’t want to sound like your freaking father, but riding these things on the sidewalks is prohibited…which means you’re on the street in the bike lanes with the cars.  Cars are bigger than you and the humans inside are surrounded by a metal cage.  Cars will kill you.

Looking ridiculous > cracking your skull on pavement.

4. Explore the city!  Now that you’ve got a way to travel around town, you don’t have to walk – you can get everywhere faster. 

5. When you are done, park your scooter in a reasonable place.  Find a bike rack or an area with a parking sign and prop up your scooter next to it.  Street corners are great spots as long as they are out of the way.  Next to trash cans maybe?  Put it someplace you’d like to find one. 

6. Obey the traffic laws, just like you were a bike.  Just use the rule of thumb “if you wouldn’t do it on a bike, don’t do it on a scooter.”  Stop for red lights, go for green, and watch for oncoming traffic.  You’re harder to see because you are a scooter.  See also #3 above. 

7. Just running in someplace for a minute?  You can “HOLD” the scooter.  This means you can run in the store to grab a beverage or take a pee, and nobody can come and rent your scooter – leaving you stranded.  Remember they’re only like $0.15 per minute, so the meter is still running while you’re in there…

8. Have fun!  Enjoy them and enjoy the city!  It’s a new way to get around and be happy that you are embracing a cool piece of technology that is greener than a car and quite honestly, more fun than a bike if you ask me!

9. Get off and walk your scooter in crowded areas or when you need to move around other humans.  Use that bell on the handle too, it's handy for alerting people that you’re in the area. 

10. Have the open mind to at least TRY the scooters.  They’re super fun to ride.  Just make sure you start out slow and work up your speed.  Play around with the BRAKE so you know what it’s like to STOP when you need to STOP.  It’s just like riding a bike…only faster!  Try a test ride out in a non-busy area or a flat empty parking lot.  Don't be nervous, they even come with a handy cheat sheet when you rent them.  The app will also walk you through the steps of riding safely.  


DON’T (These are important, friends...share with your not so smart friends)

1. Set the scooter on fire.  Don’t be that person.  For real.

2. Throw the scooter in the trash.  Don’t be that person.

3. Vandalize the scooter.  Don’t be a d*ck wagon.

4. Throw the scooter in a lake or river.  Don’t be a Mega D*ck.

5. Park in stupid places, like the beach or in the middle of the sidewalks….or anyplace else you wouldn’t leave a bicycle.  This includes police stations, public buildings, and business entrances.  Once people start littering the streets and parks with scooters and being jerks, they’ll ruin it for everyone else.  Just follow the rules.

Don't just leave your scooter on Bradford Beach. Don't be THAT person.

6. Ride on sidewalks …if the roads are dangerous or there is no other way, step off and walk your scooter on the sidewalk until it’s safe to get back in a bike lane on the street.  If you get caught on the sidewalk, you will be fined.  Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

7. Break street laws and think you have the “right of way”.  You don’t.  You are bound by the laws of the road, the includes traffic signals.  As much as I wish it were true, being on a scooter doesn’t give you special powers or make you invincible. 

8. Ride off-road or over huge bumps/curbs.  You will face plant.  You’re probably not wearing a helmet either, so enjoy that head injury. 

9. Abuse the scooter.  Just because you’re renting it doesn’t mean you can beat the hell out of it… You break it, you ruin it for the next person.  And this is why we can’t have nice things.

10. Be stupid, you moron.  You start doing dumb things for the gram, and we all don’t get to enjoy the scooters because Karen had to get more Instagram likes.  Thanks, Karen. Hope it was worth it, Karen.  

There you go.  Drop me a note on my social media and let me know if you tried em and what you thought!  I’m @RiggsRadio on Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and anything else you can think of pretty much. 

Talk to you in the morning!