How do you survive -50 Wind Chills? Here's 5 tips and a podcast.

Talking "Wind Chills", "Polar Vortex", and more about this HISTORIC cold

January 30, 2019

The Polar Vortex is real, yo.  Milwaukee is seeing some historic low temperatures and wind chills.  Rather than sift through the nonsense out there, I figured I do the logical thing and give you some tips of my own, and then talk with a Chief Meteorologist about this whole "Polar Vortex" "Wind Chill" thing.  I've always WONDERED about Wind Chill, haven't you? 

Grab a cup of cocoa and a set of earphones and let's roll...

Here are 5 quick tips and a quick podcast about surviving -50 wind chills.  Enjoy!

1.  Don't go outside if you don't have to.  Stay inside.  Seriously.  It's not even worth it. 

2.  If you MUST venture outdoors, make sure your SKIN is covered.  EVERYTHING.  Hands, face, ears, everything.  Leave as little skin exposed as possible.  With temps this low and winds this high, your skin can freeze in about 5 minutes.  5 MINUTES.

3. If you have PETS limit their time outside.  They can get hypothermia as well and their bare paws are in contact with the cold ground and snow.  Let them do their business, but don't let them out for 2-3 minutes at the MOST.  

4.  Have confidence in your car battery.  If your car normally struggles on a cold day to start, odds are it will be worse when the temperature is -20.  If you have been having battery issues or starter issues, car pool with a friend, or cough up the money for an Uber/Lyft/Taxi.  It's not worth being stranded on the side of the road in these temperatures.  

5.  Listen to this podcast I did with WISN Channel 12 Chief Meteorologist Mark Baden where we break down what the "Polar Vortex" actually is, how do we get a -50 wind chill, and what extra steps can you take to be vigilant in surviving the POLAR VORTEX!!  I shouted that last part - POLAR VORTEXX!!!!