3 Reasons you should try #DryJanuary - 30 days. No booze.

Put your drinking in check this January...

January 2, 2020
no booze for me

Stop judging. No beer for me during #DryJanuary means more beer for you.

Anyone can make a new year’s resolution and NOT stick with it, that’s easy.  In fact, I think it would be accurate to say that 100% of people are capable of doing no new year’s resolution whatsoever.  And that’s fine. 

NOTE:  If you're going to say "well I drank yesterday on New Years Day, so I'm already out".  Simmer down, friend.  So did I!  That's why it's only 30 days.  I'm a literalist, so I get what you're saying...but that's not the point!  

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What I’m suggesting is the idea of NO BOOZE for January 2-31.  Super Bowl is February 2nd, so if you’re basing this decision on a Super Bowl party, you’re in the clear.

#DryJanuary - it's only 30 days.  You GOT THIS!

If you know anything about me, I did a little thing called the “Sober Summer” where I abstained from alcohol for an entire SUMMER.  Yea – no Summer Shandy all summer.  No beer fests.  And that’s here in WISCONSIN.  So if I can do no booze for a summer, you can make it 30 days.  

Think about the past two months.  We’ve had Thankgiving (booze).  Holiday parties (booze). Christmas (maybe booze) and New Years (more booze) – see the pattern here?

Part of this, and Alley and I discussed this earlier on the show, is the culture.  The drinking culture in Wisconsin is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.  Kids in bars?  Drinks before drinks?  Drinks after drinks?  Tailgating two hours with alcohol before the game?  All totally normal in this state.  That’s the culture, that’s fine – but you have to at least acknowledge that it’s a different animal. 

"We have cute shoes.  We don't need booze." - Nobody.

The REASON you do #DryJanuary is important though.  If you’re doing it because the past two months have been a drain on your liver and you just want to genuinely make a lifestyle change, then go for it!  If you get blackout drunk on the reg, #DryJanuary probably isn’t for you – you may need to talk to a doctor about an alcohol dependency.  There is a line, and it’s no joke.  Alcohol has ruined a TON of lives, there are facts on facts to back that up. 

Again I must stress that if you or someone you know TRULY feels they have a problem with alcohol, you NEED to reach out for help.  You're certainly not alone, and there are PLENTY of resources to get you off of it safely, not a trendy social media challenge.  

Here THREE reasons to give #DryJanuary a try. 



Ever looked at your bill at a restaurant or bar?  The markup on alcohol is LUDACROUS.  There’s a reason you can buy a six pack for $10.99 at the grocery store, but ONE beer at a bar can be $3-5.  Do the math on that!  Think of all the cool stuff you could be spending your money on that won’t make you feel like a dumpster the next morning.  Cutting the booze for 30 days will pay you back, literally. 



Now you’re not going to lose LIFE changing weight, but you will lose a pound or maybe more depending on your body type and metabolism.  Think of all the bad food choices we make when we drink…Wings…fries…curds…more beer…pizza…TACOS oh my GOODNESS the tacos.  Reign in your temptations by cutting out the booze.  So while your bank account may be growing because of the money you’ll save, your waist size may shrink a bit because of #DryJanuary. 



When was the last time you woke up after a night of drinking and said “wow, I feel GREAT” – then got up and did something productive.  I’m not talking about obligations like work or school – I’m talking getting up the next morning, SELF MOTIVATED.  Cutting out the booze will help with your sleep, your mood, and your overall mental health.  Remember alcohol is a DEPRESSANT.   Cut the booze – and you’ll feel tons of physical benefits, I promise. 


So what do you say?  Will you join me in the #DryJanuary movement? 

I'll do another check in with you midway through the month and see how it's going.  

It's only 30 days...calm down...

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