Have you ever driven your car through a tree? I have...

I thought I'd seen a tree before, then I went to Northern California...

April 3, 2019

The road less traveled, begs to be driven.


What, you’ve never driven your car through a tree?  I'll get to that.  Because I saw some trees that were INSANELY huge...

I spent last week in the woods and wilderness of Northern California and the Emerald Triangle.  Humbolt County.  Lots of green things there. 

See? Greenery. Clovers!

Trees, plants, grass, cannibis, moss, you know – lots of lush plant life! 

Hey look, it's a bunch of mossy rocks.

The land out there is amazing.  Peaceful, serene, and surprisingly enough – great areas to post up and search for BIGFOOT.  

Sasquatch. He's out there...

Seriously.  I fell for the massive “LEGEND OF BIGFOOT” tourist trap.  Hook line and sinker.  They love a sucker like me.  Out on vacation, and excited to bring back home a piece of Bigfoot country. 


Six stickers and $25 later, we were on our way through the amazingly majestic Redwoods of Northern California.  They're huge. 

Have you ever wondered the difference between Redwoods and Sequoias?  Sure you have.  If you haven’t, feel free to skip the rest of this paragraph.  The thing is – all redwoods are sequoias, but not all sequoias are redwoods.  Redwoods are COASTAL – you won’t find them inland.  The inland ones around Yosemite are simply Sequoias.  Redwoods are often used for lumber because the wood is WAY better than that of the Sequoias.  Lots of lumber from out there.    

Dats a big ass tree.

Here’s the giant redwood tree I drove my rental through.  This cost me a $10 park admission...WORTH IT!

Don’t judge the BMW – it was a free upgrade and I’m not ashamed.  Driving that thing on the curvy roads of the Avenue of the Giants was KILLER.  


You think THAT’s big?  We also stopped by Founder’s Tree…which was not as wide to drive an entire car through, but MUCH taller.  Check this: 

EARMUFFS!!  NSFW Language warning.  I was genuinely shocked at how MASSIVE this tree was...


Insane, right?   California has some pretty dope scenery and landscapes.  Especially when you get up north by the Pacific near Eureka, CA.  

The ocean is so nice. It's always waving at you.

See?  Dopeness.  

West Coast = Best coast.

I totally understand why (almost) everyone in California is so environmentally conscious.  There’s so much wilderness that has been around for THOUSANDS of years, and it’s a bummer to walk through the woods and come across a burger wrapper, a cigarette butt, or an empty bottle of water.  Who does that?  Really?  

Anyways.  Not meant to be a preachy save the environment post, but being out there certainly gives you some perspective on the magnitude of nature.   Tons of big trees. 

BIGFOOT prints!

And on the BIGFOOT tip…

Well… I didn’t find Bigfoot THIS time, but I’m confident I’ve acquired enough scouting and tracking skills that I can come back next time and meet him for a beer.  Or a chocolate milk.  Sasquatch love Chocolate milk.  They hate cinnamon, much like Tigers.  

Talk to you in the morning!



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