PODCAST: Farmers Have Feelings - Using his personal story to inspire the agriculture industry.

Jeff Ditzenberger is the real MVP.

February 24, 2020
Jeff Ditzenberger

As you've no doubt learned in this series, the crisis farmers are facing has been around for years - it's just now getting attention on a bigger scale.  A big reason for the talk is people like Jeff Ditzenberger.

He's been down that dark road and come back like a lion to use his story for good, and to spread awareness that nobody is immune to this issue.

I'm so thankful I came across this guy - he is such a positive force and I think he is poised to join other farmers and tackle their mental health in an amazing way.

His organization, TUGS, reminds us that "even big ships need a little help sometimes." 

His passion bleeds through the phone, you can hear it during the fourth part in this series - Farmers Have Feelings.  Find out more about Jeff's Group TUGS at www.tugsgroup.com