5 Documentaries you need to watch before it gets too nice outside

Rainy day? Can't go outside quite yet? Check these out...

April 24, 2019

If you listen to the show you know I’m OBSESSED with documentaries as of lately.  Alley and Gibbons say it’s a gateway drug to reality TV, which I am for the most part adverse to watching…especially the K---------s.  I can’t stand that mindless trash.  People just living their mundane lives and getting into petty arguments over studpid drama.  Booring.  I want someone to be abducted or murdered because of the drama.  I want cover ups.  I want conspiracy.  I want wrongful accusations and mind blowing exonerations.  I want thrilling court drama scenes. 

Here's another thing.  Don’t drag out the storyline for six episodes.  That’s a DocuSERIES – which for the most part, I am not a huge fan of…with exception for a select few (Making A Murderer, The Case Against Adnan Syed, or the Ted Bundy Tapes.  True Crime stuff, you know what I’m talking about.   Docuseries has to be REALLY good to keep me involved.  I've got a short attention span. 

Hey - Is that a cardinal outside on that tree?

See?  I'm easily distracted.    

The following list is not in any particular order and contains ONLY documentaries.  A documentary being a self-contained film which tells the whole story in one sitting.  No need for binge watching.  Just one and done.   


 1.  “Long Shot” (Netflix if you have it)

How Juan Catalan was falsely arrested for MURDER.  His alibi?  He was at a baseball game.  “SURE he was…” is what you might be saying sarcastically, but HE REALLY WAS…and had VIDEO EVIDENCE from a famous TV show, amongst a few other details that got him off the hook.  How this story unravels is riveting – and it’s a SHORT documentary, clocking in under 45 minutes.  My kinda doc.  Quick and to the point, doesn’t drone on with eight additional breadcrumb episodes.  Gimme the meat.


 2.  “The Devil We Know” (Netflix also if you have it)

I’m sure you’ve used a pan to cook before, a non-stick pan.  Teflon, right?  It’s great!  OH and waterproof pants – aren’t those great too?  DuPont makes some great products…too bad they were dumping chemical waste into PUBLIC WATERWAYS and causing TONS of people to die from cancer as a supposed result of this.  Picture Erin Brokovich, but on a MUCH bigger GLOBAL scale.  And these clowns are on camera pretty much admitting that they knew, just didn’t care that much…WHAAAT!?


 3. “Mommy Dead and Dearest” (HBO)

What would drive Gypsy Rose Blanchard to conspire with her boyfriend to KILL her own mother?How could she do that?She was so sick, and unable to walk, and in the hospital, and going on so many “Make-A-Wish” type trips…except she wasn’t really sick…and she could WALK!??Child abuse, mental illness, and teenage love all play roles in this jaw dropping documentary that will have you both boiling with rage and seeing red, or grabbing a box of tissues and cheering for Gypsy.If you have HBO or can steal a friend’s password – watch this one.


 4. The Inventor: Out For Blood In Silicon Valley (HBO)

Elizabeth Holmes had a company, Theranos, valued at $9 BILLION – the youngest self made billionaire.Two years later, it was worth zero dollars.She invented a way to conduct a blood test using only a small finger prick of blood, as opposed to large needles and several vials of blood.Only problem is, none of the technology was working…at all.She just got REALLY good at faking it until she was making it…but did she ever really make it?You won’t believe who bought into her ideas in this one.HIGHLY recommend.


 5.  “Get Me Roger Stone” (Netflix)

This guy invented the concept of “admit nothing.Deny everyting.Counter attack.”

He made a living doing this.I’m not one for politics, but this one caught my eye from the trailer.I couldn’t believe how far back and deep Roger Stone’s history runs with the politics in this country.From the Oval Office during Watergate days with Richard Nixon back in the 70’s, to his decades long relationship with our current President, and all the EFFED up stuff in between.If you dig a solid political documentary, this is one – and it ties in a bunch of what’s happened in the last 3 years as well.


There you go.  Sorry they’re only Netflix and HBO documentaries, but those are the two main streaming services I have at the moment.  I believe you can purchase (rent) the HBO docs for like $3.  If you don't have a friend with a Netflix password you can borrow, sign up for a free trial with a new email address.  There, I just gave you two ways around having subscriptions to these services.  You're welcome :o)

So…are there any docs that YOU have seen that I need to check out?  I’m a SUCKER for the true crime stuff, and its EVERYWHERE right now – so I’m sure there are TONS of documentaries I’ve never even heard of before.  Feel free to reach out and let's have doc chat.  I'm on the usual - Facebook | Instagram 

Talk to you in the morning,