February 3, 2017

“Hater” – is the latest dating app to hit your app store matches people based on the things they hate, rather than things they like. 

Whether you hate politics, slow drivers, yogurt, or even hate certain movies, the app will pair you with your perfect match based on your DISLIKES. 

Users are asked to swipe in different directions to indicate if they love, hate, like, dislike or are indifferent to a person, activity or concept. The app will then build a profile for you based on your opinions and start connecting you with like-minded people - who hate the same things. 

The app will be released on February 8 in time for Valentine's Day, has over 2,000 topics of interest at the moment,  and they plan on letting users submit more topics of interest as well…or items of DIS interest, so it would seem.