Crossing Guards Needed! If Riggs can do it, you can too!

Not all heroes wear capes...

March 20, 2019

Pay attention to the business hours. Details, people. We're saving children here!

If you haven’t heard the news here in town, eight different school districts were hit with the news on Sunday night that the company who provides their crossing guards went out of business.  This obviously left locals school districts scrambling to find volunteers.  Wauwatosa Mayor, Kathy Ehley, has taken it up on herself to even lead the charge along with police and firefighters from the area.  But there are TONS of areas that are in need of crossing guards to help out.  

Hurry up! I've got to be home by 8 - THIS IS US is on!!!

I’m in the fortunate position where my afternoons, for the most part, are free – so I looked into volunteering to help out until they can get back on their feet.  1 ½ - 2 hours a day in the afternoon is easy for someone like me, so why wouldn’t I help?  

76th and North Avenue in Tosa! I can appreciate the combo 3-in-1 building, too.

You can help too if you have the time and are able to help.  They are in need of both short term and LONG term help.  

You better recognize.

I called the number I found online and it put me in touch with Patty in Human Resources.  She informed me that I needed to come down to Tosa City Hall and fill out an application.  

So that’s what I did.  

Take the stairs. It's only on the second floor.

I drove to Tosa City Hall.  

During business hours, of course.  Found the Human Resources department on the second floor.  They tuck them way in the back, which I don’t understand because the group of women running that place are all SUPER awesome and should be on prominent display.  

What up, Patty, Nancy, Beth, Daniela, Randa, and Elizabeth!

I had to consent to a background check.  

Sign me up. Let's do this!

Not even worried.  You’re talking about a guy who just got “TSA Pre” status.  I’ve already been vetted through the FBI, yo!  Your kids are safe with me.  

It's becoming real!

Let the know which locations I’m interested in (I just checked them all.  I’d like to help out whenever I can wherever I can.)

Now I just wait.  

You can help too.  They said they are TOTALLY in need of help.  Say hello in person at Wauwatosa City Hall - 76th and North avenue...impossible to miss.

They have their own little mini Tosa street signs!

Plus, hasn’t every one of us deep down wanted to be a crossing guard?  Even just for a moment.  

Being able to help out kids, while simultaneously WIELD so much power?  Think about it.  You can hold up a red octagon with the word “STOP” written on it, and you can make a cement truck come to a complete stop.  

Gloves? Check. Vest? Check. Sign? Check. Whistle? Damn right. Blow it.

How awesome is that?  

I’m totally getting the whole kit, too.  Vest.  Sign.  Gloves.  AND a whistle.  Don’t come at me.  I’m keeping the streets of Tosa safe for our kids.  Back off, man.  

In all seriousness if you are able to help out, give them a shout or swing by Tosa City hall. Talk to one of the awesome ladies at the Human Resources department.  Patti, Nancy, Beth, Daniela, Randa, and Elizabeth can answer all your questions and get you squared away.  There’s only a couple months left of school, and if enough people pitch in we can help out.  They’re cool for next year, but for now – they’ll have to be stretched thin and rely on outside help.  


This is a developing story.  I’m on vacation next week, so I informed them that I can start as early as this Thursday or Friday, or as soon as I return the first week in April.  

Will keep you posted.  Talk to you in the morning, see you in the streets.  



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