Kwik Trip engagement photos are probably the most Wisconsin Thing EVER (PICS)

I hope they used a Glazer as a ring...

December 4, 2019
Kwik Trip.  Grab me a Glazer, please. k thanks byeeee

© Dan Powers/USA TODAY NETWORK-Wisconsin

Normally I'm of the mind that engagement photos are unnecessary.  I mean - why?  You already have pics of the two of you together - and your wedding pictures will be super nice...why the engagement pics?  I never understood it...BUT I'm a romantic, and a sucker for a sweet story.  I'm also a sucker for KWIK TRIP. 

(Side Note: have you tried their new FRIED CHICKEN yet!??!  Soooooooooo good.)

This couple from LaCrosse, WI decided to do something different with their engagement photos - and its gone VIRAL.  

Luke Sievers and Megan Beckman met in La Crosse, which is the home of the famous gas station chain, Kwik Trip!  So to them - it just made sense to add some love for Kwik Trip into their photos.  

Check this out:  

And because they have a sense of humor, Kwik Trip was fast to share the photos on THEIR page...which helped give it more momentum...

If you don't follow Kwik Trip on social - I'd highly advise.  They're almost as funny as me, sometimes. haha!  


Not a bad idea though!  Now maybe if they're lucky, Kwik Trip will cater their wedding!  KARUBA COFFEE AND ICE CREAM FOR ALL!!  


Talk to you in the morning,