6 Delicious things in my freezer right now

March 6 is National Frozen Food Day

March 6, 2019

I'm not hungry, I'm just bored. You know the feeling.


6 Delicious things in my freezer right now.  To celebrate March 6 National Frozen Food Day.  So allow me to be quite possibly the first person to wish you a happy Frozen Food day!  

It's also National Oreo Day...so I can't NOT mention one of my favorite cookies...

Most Stuf Oreos. Easily the greatest Oreos of all time.

however, I dont keep Oreos in my freezer. 

Ever wondered what's in my freezer?  Me too, sometimes.  

The freezer.  It’s way colder than the refrigerator and is responsible for prolonging the life of things like fruits, vegetables, meals, and meats!  Since March 6 is National Frozen Food Day, I thought I’d go through my freezer and share with you the 6 most delicious things I could find.  Some of you may agree with, some of you may not, but regardless – they are all frozen and tasty staples in the Riggs' freezer reportoire.  

To kick things off, how about some legal stock images of "Janet" and "Bethany".   Thought they could use names...because how random are these images?  They deserve names...and some catty dialogue.  

Janet, how much do these pizzas cost?

Read the effing LABEL, BETHANY. Jeezus. Do I have to do everything?


I should also note that these are in no particular order.  I don’t have time to rank these. 



Frozen Meals. 


When I don’t meal prep, I enjoy a good frozen meal.  I don’t like all the processed junk and sodium that is found in a lot of frozen meals – so I look for ones that are made from natural ingredients and high in protein.  I’m a healthy eater and have a Type 1 Diabetic wife – so we avoid things with lots of carbs and sugar.  These are two staples we keep in the freezer for when we are in a pinch and need a somewhat healthy meal.  Both of these brands are legit.  Sweet Earth PIZZA MAC AND CHEESE (we find these at Target) and they are DOPE!  I love meat, and these are vegetarian. 

Catching feels with these meals for REAL.

The “Eating Well” meals are always good, come in a bunch of varieties, and have some relatively pronounceable and healthy ingredients.  They aren’t HUGE, so don’t expect to be FULL from eating one of these, but they get the job done in a pinch and you feel like you’re actually eating real food. 



Cauliflower Crust Pizzas

Trust me, this crust is a MUST!

These are game changers.  Cauliflower pizzas are all the rage these days, and you have to be careful which ones you get – some can be a BUST.  But these ones from COSTCO are SOOOOOOO Good.  I like to add slices of pepperoni to them to add some meat flavor, but you don’t need to add pepperoni…they are just fine on their own. 

I mean, look at it with the pepperoni.  Doesn’t this look DOPE!???

Meat makes everything taste better, if you ask me.


HIGHLY RECOMMEND.  Also – make sure you cook them on the rack as the directions specify, the crust will be crispy and perfect.  Find a friend with a Costco membership and have them smuggle you some of these bad boys. 



Kemps Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches.

Ice. Cream. Sammiches.


These should go without saying.  Ice cream sandwiches are delicious.  The full ones I feel like are too much.  I can’t eat a whole ice cream sandwich, but I can easily eat three of these mini ones.  Is it more calories?  Probably.  Is three minis more than one regular one?  Probably.  Don’t judge my logic.  This is my freezer, not yours.  These bad boys are tasty though.  Another strong recommendation.  4.5/5 stars. 



Blue Bunny Mini Swirls.

Come for the ice cream, stay for the caramel surprise.


Bro.  (Yes, I just ‘bro’d’ you).  These are crazy good.  We like things in “mini” form in our family.  These are the perfect dessert snack that deliver the chocolate outer shell, tasty vanilla, the cone, and then you get this little surprise burst of caramel that’s just….erotic.  Yes.  The caramel burst in the center is erotic.  Fight me.



Sailor Jerry.  (Or any type of booze)


Sailor Jerry can beat the crap out of Captain Morgan.

Not sure about you, but I enjoy keeping some of my booze in the freezer.  It keeps it extra cold for when you’re ready for a drink, and for those times when you just want a quick shot – you don’t have to water it down with ice, because its already cold.  Also – Sailor Jerry is an amazing spiced rum.  Sure, you can get by with the Captain Morgan…but Sailor Jerry can beat Captain Morgan in a fist fight.  What’s up now?



Thin Mints. 


I don’t have a picture of thin mints in the freezer, because I ate all the thin mints in the freezer.  Girl Scout cookies are amazing – especially THIN MINTS.  Don’t believe me that people keep them in the freezer?  First of all, you’re wrong.  Second – since I didn’t have a pic, I asked my facebook friends for a pic of their thin mints and this is what I got…

Nick rocks his thin mints in the freezer...note the vegetables he keeps underneath just in case...

Chris also freezes his assets. Mintz assets.

So does Dee Dee.

Keyna rocks a solid collection of GS cookies.

Zombie apocalypse? Shanda has enough cookies to last us through the weekend.

They belong in the freezer.  Get on our level.  There’s plenty of room on the cookie wagon. 

Anyone who knows Girl Scout cookies knows that the only REAL way to enjoy thin mints is straight out of the freezer.  I’m not sure exactly WHAT it is that makes them more delicious in the freezer.  Maybe it’s the cold temperature with the minty goodness making them almost refreshing to eat.  Kind of like a York Peppermint Pattie, but less mint cream.  Remember to also enjoy Thin Mints like a true American, one delicious foil wrapped sleeve at a time. 


So what’s in YOUR freezer?  Hit me up on my socials (@RiggsRadio on everything: Instagram | Facebook | Snapchat) and let me know! 


Happy National Freezer Day. 


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to stalk a troop of Girl Scouts at my local Pick N Save and re-stock my freezer with Thin Mints.  brb


Talk to you in the morning!