#MENtalHealthMonday - Part 3 of 4 - Farmers Have Feelings: 150 Years of Dairy farming with Brian Holt

It's a One Trick Pony!

February 17, 2020
buddy the pony and riggs and brian

I hope you are enjoying this February series and have learned a little bit along the way.

The pony in the picture above is Buddy...and you will meet him in this week's episode, in case you were wondering...and I know you were.

One thing I've learned from talking with these guys, there is an OBSCENE amount of pride in farming. These guys pour their heart and soul into the job they do DAY IN and DAY OUT.

I mean, if I lose my job - I can go find another one, probably. But that's about it. If a farmer loses THEIR job, they have an entire family who depends on them, animals who depend on them, and are faced with the reality that they could be letting down their entire family tradition - which in Brian's case, has been going on for 150 years.

One thing that Brian brought up to me before we met, and he wanted to touch on was his feeling of GUILT that comes with farming. With 800 dairy farms closing last year, some of those were people he knew personally - and he inadvertently benefits from their downfall.

It's a very REAL conversation with Brian this week, and if that wasn't enough - we also get to meet Buddy the pony.

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