A Young Packer Fan's Dream Comes True!

August 8, 2017

© Michael Flippo | Dreamstime


Have you ever had to suck up your own pride in order to do something special for someone you love?  That's what this Viking's fan did for his daughter, writing a letter to the Packers after they had missed his daughter's first Packer game due to weather.  They were unable to find alternate travel routes, so the young girl's father took to Twitter to explain their situation and ask for a very special request from the team: to let his daughter be a guest at practice, take a tour, or literally do anything to make it up to her.  

Martellus Bennett was the one to respond, saying he'd figure something out or, at the very least, take her out for a bite to eat.  Bennett kept to his promise, meeting the young girl and riding bikes with her outside the field.  He really made this little girl's year!

It takes a lot for a die hard fan of an opposing team to reach out, but this guy did just that!  Not bad for a Viking's fan ;)

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