Wisconsin Governor Hopeful Breastfeeds during Campaign Ad

March 7, 2018

Democratic candidate for Wisconsin governor Kelda Roys posted a campaign ad in which she can be seen breastfeeding her four-month-old daughter. 

The ad, which focuses on Roys' role in Wisconsin's ban of BPA, has been getting a lot of attention. During filming, Roys' daughter Avalon started to get fussy. 

"I just kept nursing the baby and thought maybe they can use the audio or something," she said.

After looking at the footage, she decided to show the motherly act.

"This is real life," she said. "I think so often women who run for office feel like they can only present a certain side of themselves to be taken seriously. But it's 2018 and I feel like the fact that I'm a mother just shows that I have an even greater motivation to make the state better." 

There are 17 Democratic candidates and four Republican candidates. Roys is a former member of the state assmebly and runs a small business. 

A Marquette poll illustrated that most of the public does not know enough about the Democratic candidates to form an opinion.

"In politics, one wants to break out of a pack," said Mordecai Lee, a political science professor at UWM, and former Democratic state lawmaker. 

"Maybe it will break positively for her in the sense that she's a mother, she did something instinctively," he also said. "The thing about Wisconsin voters that I've learned, you just never know."