Why did 9 Milwaukee Area Pizza Huts Suddenly Close Yesterday?

Not the HUT! Nooooo!!!

January 18, 2019

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The humanity!   Not our PIzza Hut!  

Due to a transfer of ownership, and a lapse in permits and licensing, the Milwaukee Health Department was forced to close 9 area Pizza Hut locations.  They've apparently been expired since November of last year, and need to be updated...

The following locaitons were impacted:  

1840 S. 15th Street

2340 N. Farwell Avenue

3131 S. Kinnickinnic Avenue

3555 S. 27th Street

3932 S. 76th Street

5704 W. Capitol Drive

7604 W. Burleigh Street

6807 W. Brown Deer Road

10400 W. Silver Spring Drive


Health Department officials say they're trying to expedite the process as quickly as possible since people's jobs are at stake...

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