What is Underwater Hockey? It is Coming to Milwaukee.

October 20, 2017

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Well this is one that we have never heard of. 

Milwaukee is forming a new club sport that most people have never thought about. That's right, it's underwater hockey! Now our first thought at this was, how in the world does that work? 

Well, the name underwater hockey, is pretty self explanatory. The sport was created in the 1950's in England and although is not often televised, it actually is played around the world. Two teams will compete to move a weighted puck along a swimming pool floor into the other team's goal. 

The first underwater hockey club will launch in Milwaukee next month. The club is planning to host an open house event on November 7th. They plan to have weekly practices on Tuesday evenings to prepare for future competitions. The cool part about underwater hockey is that anyone can play, so take a look! 

To get more information on the new sports club forming in the city click here