What do you Think About Aaron Rodgers Response?

September 27, 2017

ID 31195594 © Samuelecavicchi | Dreamstime


Aaron Rodgers is asking Packers fans to unite during Thursday's game. 

The Packers host the Bears this Thursday and Rodgers is asking fans to join the players in locking arms during the national anthem. He stresses that joining arms is meant to portray love and a sense of community joining together. He wants people to be able to come together and talk about these topics that may be difficult to discuss. 

After the Packers' protest last Sunday, which was to protest inequality and police brutality, Aaron Rodgers said he received a lot of negativity on his social media. He wanted to stress that the protest was to show unity and was not meant to disrespect the military. 

He gives his full response to the topic in a filmed interview. 

Check out the full video here!