Volunteer for Those Who Have Served Us

October 24, 2017

© Juan Moyano | Dreamstime


The Milwaukee Homeless Veterans Initiative is helping the at-risk and homeless veterans get their dignity back, while finding their way back into society.  At MHVI, the homeless can find anything they need, from toiletries to food.  Executive Director Debbie Buchanan encourages everyone to donate, no matter what it is.  Anything is appreciated and will be given to those who really need it.  They even accept money donations, as military men and women are sometimes too proud to ask for help from anyone.  They're not looking for a handout, Debbie says, so sometimes it's hard to accept they need the help.  A lot of the time, they just want to fit back into society.  The main goal of the organization is to help the veterans gain their independence and keep them and their families off the streets, providing them with any help they may need.

To read more about this amazing organization and learn about where to donate or volunteer, click here!