Tom Cruise surprises fans at Comic Con, drops an even BIGGER surprise!

First look at the new Top Gun movie!

July 19, 2019

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Comic Con is known for dropping big news in the movie world, and this year didn't disappoint.  

Oftentimes celebs will show up unannounced and drop a trailer or sneak peek at a highly anticipated motion picture.  

Guess who showed up in Hall H of the Comic Con?  

Tom. Cruise. And what did he bring with him?  The trailer for the long awaited and HIGHLY ANTITPICATED sequel to 1986's "Top Gun".  

CHECK IT for all the 80's feels:

Does it look cheesy?  Sure.  But wasn't the original cheesy?  The shirtless vollyball scene.  The renegade pilot.  The romance.  The steamy sexy scene.  The rowdy bar drinking scene.  The unexpected death.  The ...


Is this a NEW Movie or just a remake of the original?  Who cares, honestly.  

Looks like something I'd give a chance. 

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