Spare some change for the homeless by giving to these parking meters!

September 14, 2017

© Michael Flippo | Dreamstime


Milwaukee has recently unveiled 7 new, key-shaped parking meters as a part of the "Key to Change" initiative.  While these are designed to look like parking meters, they're basically just donation posts that you're able to put change in to help the chronic homelessness plaguing Milwaukee.  All the proceeds collected at these meters will go towards Milwaukee County's Housing First project.  This project will help those who need their services with materials they need to get back on track.  

Their goal is to create a safe space where everyone feels supported and help them with rehabilitation, job training, and much more.  They want to include the homeless in the community to make them feel like they have a place in our community.  

If you'd like to donate to one of these meters, they can be found along Wisconsin Avenue, starting at Van Buren and ending at 16th Street.  

To read more and see what the meters look like, click here!