The Solar Eclipse Is Almost Here! Are you prepared?

August 17, 2017

© Igor Chekalin | Dreamstime


With only a week till the August 21st solar eclipse, many are buzzing about the topic and rushing around to find eclipse glasses so they can see the rarity with friends and family.  While people in Wisconsin will only be seeing partial coverage, we still want to inform our audiences of the facts, viewing parties that are happening around this event, and how to protect yourself from the potential risks involved.

A solar eclipse is when the moon passes in front of the sun, blocking it out entirely depending on where you're located.  In most areas, people can witness a partial eclipse, but many will make the trip to see the entire coverage.  When the moon covers the sun completely, it casts a huge shadow over the Earth, creating an eerie blackout that could even affect solar lights.  

There is only one moment when you're able to watch the eclipse without proper eye protection and that's while the sun is completely blocked by the moon, but since Wisconsin will only have partial coverage, everyone needs to make sure to find specific, NASA approved safety glasses.  Failure to find these glasses and view without them could result in permanent damage to your retinas, causing blindness.  NASA has approved 12 different companies that manufacture these glasses that are deemed safe for use.  

If you'd like to watch the eclipse, but don't have anyone to join you, consider heading to the UWM campus where they'll be hosting the only NASA-sponsored viewing party in Wisconsin.  You can purchase tickets in advance to enjoy the show with people just as excited about space as you are!  There will be theatrical shows explaining how eclipses work, music from live performers, food and beverages, games, and more leading up to and after the eclipse!

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Have a great (and safe) time watching this special event!