Northwestern Mutual Tower and Commons is now open!

August 22, 2017

© Monkey Business Images | Dreamstime


After a long three years of construction, the much anticipated Northwestern Mutual Tower and Commons is finally open!  They opened their doors yesterday, August 21st, where a grand opening ceremony allowed many people to see the building for the first time, including the Mayor.  Many reactions were of awe and amazement with this new building that is designed to look like a billowing sail at the edge of the lakefront, and is now officially the second tallest building in Milwaukee!

Over 2,400 employees are scheduled to move into the 32 floor building, starting Friday and going through mid-October.  The space is a work of art, many have said, with it's employee-friendly work spaces and spacious atrium.  The building has certain spaces for public use too, like a Starbucks, outdoor grounds, and a 40-foot fireplace.  Their main focus for the design of this building was to be neighborly and hospitable for employees and public alike.  They've certainly outdone themselves it seems, just going by the raving reviews made by visitors so far.  

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