New Parking Rules and Salt, Milwaukee Is Prepared For Snow

November 28, 2017

© Wisconsinart | Dreamstime


The city of Milwaukee is bidding their 4-inch rule goodbye, and introducing a new parking guideline for when it snows this season.  Instead of being prohibited to park on the streets when snowfall is more than 4 inches, residents will be able to park on the even side of streets that allow overnight parking on even days, and odd sides of the street on odd days.  Not all streets are overnight parking, so officials urge you to look at the streets for the rules regarding parking so you don't get towed.  They also are encouraging people to sign up for snow and weather alerts, so you'll know exactly what to expect.  People can also call (414) 286-CITY or (414) 286-2489 for parking assistance.

In addition to this new rule, a green salt has been introduced and will be used this winter in Milwaukee.  This new green salt will be used when temperatures dip below 15 degrees, and is more effective than the original rock salt.  In addition to being more effective in general, more specifically it's better for bridges and more complex roadways that get more slippery than regular roads.  

Milwaukee is very prepared for the first big snowfall!  Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

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