MPS Girls Prove Sports Are For Anyone

July 27, 2017

© Shaye Briggs


Since 2000, MPS paired with the Girl Scouts have been engaging girls, third through fifth grade, in a non-competitive softball league to expose them to things they may otherwise not have a chance to be a part of.  Through this sport, they develop important skills, like leadership and development.  The Girl Scouts attend practice for three weeks, meeting two times during the week, and when they had completed, they played on a round-robin schedule.  For playing, each girl received a participation badge and important lessons about cooperation and involvement that will help them in the future.

These girls are a part of "Girls of Summer," a program created by the Girl Scouts to get girls involved in sports to break the stigma that sports are only for boys or a "boy" thing to do.  They're able to have fun outside while learning, which is exactly what the Girl Scouts are all about.  The Girl Scouts are rolling out new programs this summer, along with 23 new STEM and outdoor badges just this week.  

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