Scooters Scooters, EVERYWHERE SCOOTERS!!!

Lime scooters will have some competition...

August 13, 2019

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Scooters.  Scooters as far as the eye can see!

Last summer - BIRD scooters showed up in Milwaukee.  Unannounced, and un-regulated.  

Annoyed, the city banned them and said they can't come back until we get legislation in place to regulate these things.  You can't just drop off 500 scooters in a city, brush your hands, and say "welp, let's start business!".  That's not how this works.  That's not how ANY of this works.  

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Looks like BIRD scooters are getting a second chance, and they'll be bringing some competition with them - SPIN, and the already active since last month - LIME. 

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It wasn't two weeks ago that LIME had to reel back their customers / riders.  They were not following the rules set forth by the city...

According to a Press Release from the city of Milwaukee DPW, "On August 2, 2019, DPW set a restriction on additional scooters in the pilot due to concerns that too many riders (users) were not obeying the rules of the road. The announcement also urged users to not ride on the sidewalk and to park responsibly, in locations that do not block pedestrian access."

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People were also just leaving them around town...and it's starting to look like this on every street corner: 

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So LIME started making safety notifications more prominent in the app.  Even the other day I opened it up and was invited to a "FREE SCOOTER SAFETY" course.  Where they showed how to ride them, how to follow the law, and how to not severely injure yourself.  

They're telling people where NOT to park: 

They've even included an In App game where you can determine if YOU think a scooter is parked properly....they use your feedback to help other riders when they park their scooters. 

then you play!

Will these steps work?  Did the pause work? Maybe.  The DPW Press release also states:  

Since that pause, DPW has been in close communication with operators, all of whom are taking aggressive steps to further promote proper scooter usage. These steps include safety events, in-app notifications, ambassadors and patrols, along with partnering with business improvement districts, neighborhood groups, and community organizations. The Department has also received a decrease in complaints and witnessed public support for continuing the pilot.    

“We will continue to focus on safety and on addressing the concerns,” Mayor Tom Barrett said. “I am pleased scooter companies are working with their customers to increase awareness and ensure safe riding for everyone on our streets and sidewalks.”

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To date more than 53,000 trips have been made on scooters in Milwaukee.

“Each operator’s allowed fleet plan has been scaled back to ensure the number of scooters in circulation are manageable and being used properly,” Commissioner of Public Works Jeff Polenske said. “We will frequently assess the fleet size and determine if adjustments need to be made.”

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Maximize safety, minimize stupidity and idiocracy.  Makes sense, right?  

The DPW press release also states that the pilot, created by direction of the Milwaukee Common Council, is scheduled to run through December 31, 2019. It may be suspended at any time, per the authority of the Commissioner of Public Works.

Complaints for people who are trying to ruin it for everyone should be directed to the company that owns the individual scooters and they are as follows: 






White, green & black



Orange & black



Black and white


Ride safe, friends.  

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