Milwaukee Cop Rescues Dog from Pond - Twice?!

July 7, 2017

© Shawn Low |

This is one pup who really wanted to take a dip!

Milwaukee police officer Joseph Spingola had his work cut out for him Wednesday night, when he was on patrol at McGovern Park. Spingola was assisting some kids who were fishing in the pond, when he heard a loud splash. That splash turned out to be a small dog falling into the pond.

Spingola was able to grab the dog out of the water, but the dog had plans of its own: jumping into the pond again, swimming out further, and getting tangled in weeds. Spingola sprung into action, took off his vest, and jumped into the pond to save the dog once again!

The dog's owner still has not been found. To learn more about this crazy rescue, check out this link!