Milwaukee Art Museum As A LEGO Set! VOTE NOW!!

How cool would this be?

July 28, 2020
Milwaukee Art Museum

© Chelsey Lewis and Jim Nelson/Mil, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


LEGO has made some pretty amazing things in the past.  Take for example, this LEGO White House: 

LEGO White House
© ChinaImages

(ironic that the pic is from China - lol) 

Anyways - someone had the brilliant idea, and the passion for Milwaukee's skyline, and got creative.  

Check out this LEGO version of the Milwaukee Art Museum!

Pretty cool, right?  

This can become a reality too!  CLICK HERE to support the project.  It needs 10.000 votes and as of this article (Tuesday, July 28 at 8am) there are 7,258 votes!