Man Skydives for the First Time to Celebrate His 91st Birthday!

September 1, 2017

ID 2004307 © Gabriel Dan | Dreamstime

Age is not a factor for this man! 

Chuck Chapeta, from West Allis, took the dive of a lifetime to celebrate his 91st birthday. He flew tandem with an instructor from Skydive Midwest and free fell about a mile and a half before pulling the parachute to glide their way down. Chapeta got the go ahead from his doctor, who told him his bones were strong as a rock after doing a density scan. The tandem skydivers made a perfect landing and Chapeta said he was looking forward to doing it again. 

Surprisingly, this isn't the first 90 year old to go sky diving at the location either! Apparently they get about 10 to 15 people around this age a year, often to celebrate a milestone in their life.

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