Local Business Donates 50% of Sales to Hurricane Efforts

September 21, 2017

© Flynt | Dreamstime


So many places around Wisconsin are helping raise money for the hurricane efforts, but you could have donated without even knowing it!  Local coffee shop, Colectivo Coffee, in Milwaukee is donating half of their sales from September 20th to help the victims affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma.  Colectivo Coffee shops all over are doing this as a part of their "Relief Wednesday" and all coffee, espressos, online orders, etc. will be counted towards the total donated.  

The coffee shop will be dividing the total raised from their "Relief Wednesday" amongst Harvey and Irma's victims, so they're able to get medical supplies, food, water, and other essential items they are in desperate need of.  Most customers didn't even know they were donating, but once they learned, some even were inspired to buy another cup.

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