Limited Edition Brewer's Brew?

May 23, 2017

© Caylor Arnold-USA TODAY Sports

Monday, three Brewers, Eric Thames, Corey Knebel and Oliver Drake, visited the MillerCoors brewery and worked with pilot brewer, Greg Walter, to create a signature brew after a short tour of the brewery.

The players ended their tour in the MillerCoors' Flying Hippo innovation room and in this room was a table with small cups filled with hops — from Denali hops with pineapple notes to experimental hops No. 438 that smell of grapefruit for the players to sample.

"The table held two containers of the malts, already in the mix, that could handle any of the hops that the players chose," said Troy Rysewyk, manager of beverage technology and innovation at MillerCoors.

When the beer is finished and kegged, the 10 to 20 barrels of yet-to-be-named limited-edition beer will be shared with fans at a special Miller Park theme night. Potentially in August?

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