Kiss Your WHAT Goodbye?

September 21, 2017

© Tomasz Tulik | Dreamstime


A senior class at Thorp High School in Thorp, WI is getting a lot of attention because of their T-shirts this week.  They say they're exercising their First Amendment right by defying the school's dress code.  The class of 2018 wanted to have T-shirts made, and they all came up with a quote to put on the back.  The school is asking students to refrain from wearing the shirts on school grounds.  The slogan, "Kiss Our Class Goodbye" may seem innocent at first glance, but upon looking a little more, you see a kiss mark covering the "C" and "L" in "Class."

While the students found it hilarious, some of the parents and the district superintendent did not.  The superintendent, John Humphries, asked students to not wear the shirts on school property as to avoid unhappy parents, but some students stood up against him, saying it's their right to wear what they want.

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