How to Wear Your High Heels 4Xs Longer Without Pain

October 9, 2017

ID 70750357 © Vladimirfloyd | Dreamstime


The first scientifically-proven way to prevent foot pain in heels is here! 

Milwaukee's Abby Walker is the founder of Vivian Lou, an insole that actually works and allows a person to wear their heels four times longer without foot pain. 

This is not like the typical insole that women try that simply pads the foot in heels. Vivian Lou slightly rotates your heel bone up and back at the ankle for equal distribution of weight between the front of the foot and the heel. It also will prevent your foot from slipping forward. The product works best with any shoe that has had a 2 inch heel or higher. 

Abby is also a part of a series that encourages women to take that large step into entrepreneurship. This month there will be a series of free lunch and learn sessions for women who are interested in taking the leap. It takes place in a new co-working community for women called MalamaDoe and is located at 4465 N. Oakland Ave, Suite 201. They'll be having these session every Thursday this month from noon to 1p.m. and Abby's event will take place on the 29th. 

To get more information on Vivian Lou insoles click here