How to View the Solar Eclipse!

August 16, 2017

© Dharshani Gk Arts | Dreamstime

Everyone's been talking about the upcoming solar eclipse, occurring during the day on Monday, August 21st. And, in order to view it, you've gotta use some special methods in order to protect your eyes.

The preferred method for most is to use a pair of special eclipse glasses. They use a special filter to enable you to look directly at the sun during an eclipse. However, these eclipse glasses are quickly selling out - so if you can't find any for yourself, there's some alternate methods you can use.

The Milwaukee Public Museum, for example, is hosting a viewing party on Monday, where they'll have telescopes with eclipse filters available for use.

And remember - don't look at the sun with bare eyes during the eclipse! You can harm your vision if you do so.

For more information on eclipse viewing methods, including some homemade options, click here!