Goat In Downtown Milwaukee Nightclub Leads to Huge Uproar

October 25, 2017

ID 31219 © Pavalache Stelian | Dreamstime



A goat was brought into a well known night club in downtown Milwaukee area and people are not happy about it.

Dick's is a bar in restaurant located on Milwaukee Street. It's well known for it's night life and club like atmosphere, but is listed as a pizza restaurant. So you can imagine that the city was not so pleased to find out that the establishment had a farm animal inside. 

Pictures appeared on social media with the goat in the bar on Friday and definitely caused some attention. The photo reveals the goat with a beer bottle in it's mouth and jokes about giving the animal liquor. The police came into the bar and confirmed that there was actually a goat present. The alderman, Bob Bauman, has now launched a city investigation regarding the matter. The Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission had issued a statement about how they found the act very inhumane, and the Milwaukee Health Department is also taking action regarding the health code violation. 

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