#GibbonsGetsAround - #TouristWeek

Milwaukee Public Market

October 13, 2016

I came to Milwaukee from Seattle, so it's only right that I visited Milwaukee Public Market for #TouristWeek of #GibbonsGetsAround. There's a similar place in Seattle called Pike Place Market (you might know it as "the place where they throw the fish), but I must say I enjoy our market a whole lot more! If you're looking for a place that has something for everyone, here it is! Want a salad?! GOT 'EM! Fruit salad or a smoothie? GOT 'EM! Lobster dinner for $15.95?!?! GOT 'EM! Burger and fries!? GOT 'EM! Desserts galore?! GOT 'EM! Moral of the story is, go here, bring your friends and an appetite and get your munch on! Peep the pics and let me know where to go next for #TouristWeek of #GibbonsGetsAround. Hit me up on social media @RadioGibbons.