#GibbonsGetsAround - #TouristWeek

Bryant's Cocktail Lounge

October 12, 2016

There are SOOO many upsides to having a girlfriend who grew up in Wisconsin. One: she can hold her own and party harder than pretty much all of my guy friends. Two: she loooves sports, which is a MAJOR KEY (DJ Khaled voice). Aaaaaaand D: She knows about a bunch of great local spots and can help with #GibbonsGetsAround especially during #TouristWeek. My girlfriend decided that I needed to check out Bryant's Cocktail Lounge. Holy Moses, was this place amazing! On the outside, honestly, it looks like someone's house with an OPEN sign in the window...and then you walk in and are instantly transported to a swanky lounge circa the 1930s. It's got an old-school vibe, from the dim lighting to the bartenders dressed to the 9's. Another great thing: there's no menu! Our waitress simply asked me a couple of questions about what flavors and prefer, then mixed up a delicious citrus-y treat! My girlfriend had their signature cocktail, The Candle Light, which came out on fire! That's right...FIRE! It. Was. Awesome. Peep the pics and let me know where to go next for #GibbonsGetsAround - #TouristWeek by getting at me on social media @RadioGibbons.