#GibbonsGetsAround - #RandomWeek - Purple Door Ice Cream

November 4, 2016

I'm ashamed to say that while living in Dairyland, I haven't had nearly as much local ice cream as I should. That changed in a major way with my trip to Purple Door Ice Cream for #RandomWeek of #GibbonsGetsAround. Didja know they give spoonful samples of all the creams of ice?! AMAZING. The samples were almost enough to fill my belly, but you know this big boy had to get himself a waffle cone full of lactose-loaded greatness. I went with Chocolate Peanut Butter and Red Wine Cherry ice cream on a waffle cone. My girlfriend Michelle opted for Nutella and Beer and Pretzels...that's right, there's an ice cream flavor called Beer and Pretzels. YES! Check out the photos below.