#GibbonsGetsAround - #NatureWeek

Hubbard Park

October 17, 2016

My girlfriend was in town over the weekend and when she heard that the theme for #GibbonsGetsAround this week was #NatureWeek, she made a demand: "I'm taking you to Hubbard Park and you can't ask anything about it. Let's go!" So we packed up my dog, Killer, and off we went! First impressions are everything, and I knew as soon as we walked through a freakin' tunnel to get to the park that this place was going to be siiiiiiick! We were walking on a trail along the river when out of nowhere appeared two of my favorite things: a beer garden and a swanky, but come-as-you-are lodge. The Beer Garden, unfortunately, was closed and I was a little too hungover to head to the lodge, so we decided to hike around instead. Check out the photos and let me know which parks/nature spots I need to hit up in the area. Get at me on social media @RadioGibbons