#GibbonsGetsAround - #MeatWeek

AJ Bombers & Usinger's Famous Sausage

September 20, 2016
Big Guy in a Bigger Chair

#GibbonsGetsAround is all about my journey to see as much of Milwaukee as I can as quickly as possible. Like most good parties in the area, this journey begins with THE MEATS! For the first stop on this adventure, I went to AJ Bombers on the lower east side, where I immediately felt at home. From the peanut shells on the ground to the copious amounts of writing on the wall, this place has party written all over it AND has one of the BEST. BURGERS. EVER. I enjoyed the Colonel Mustard Burger, complete with tangy mustard and topped with cooked-just-right onion strings and fried pickles on a pretzel bun! My taste buds had a big ol' party! I have to be honest, though. My favorite part of the experience came after the meal when I got to sit on the giant chairs placed out front of the bar. I consider myself a child eternally, so it felt great to sit on a chair so big that my feet were nowhere near the ground. Riggs even came out to join the fun!! #GibbonsGetsAround isn't necessarily all about eating, even during meat week. So, while I was bummed that Usinger's was closed, I was still stoked to get to see the building and plan on sampling their sausage VERY soon! 

Two kids on big chairs
Gibbons is a messy eater...
This burger never stood a chance.
In front of Usinger's