#GibbonsGetsAround - The Exclusive Company

November 15, 2016

Since I was able to walk and talk, I've been obsessed with music. Knowing that now, it's no surprise that I couldn't just walk by The Exclusive Company, which just so happens to be America's Oldest Full-line Independent Record Store. I HAD to go for #GibbonsGetsAround They've been in business since 1956 and their vast collection of music sure reflects that. There's everything from Elvis to Adele....from The Beatles to Bieber....from The Supremes to Fifth Harmony. You get the point. There's sooooo much to choose from, especially in the clearance rack. I took a gander through those clearance items and decided to buy the soundtrack to one of my favorite movies, Animal House (ask your parents about it. Then show them my picture and ask them who I look like). Half off for that epic album?! You betchya! Can't wait to go back and buy up all the good music! Where shall I head next for #GibbonsGetsAround? Hit me up on social media @RadioGibbons.