Riggs & Alley talk with Jim, Riggs' friend who just recovered from COVID-19

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April 8, 2020
The face of COVID-19, on my friend Jim Ziegler.

The many faces of COVID-19, on my friend Jim Ziegler.

If you don't know anyone who has tested positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19) chances are, you will soon.  Riggs has a friend who JUST got home a week or so ago and made a FULL recovery.  What was it like, how did it feel, and how is he helping OTHERS fight this virus? 

Jim is a radio friend of mine (Riggs).  He was the first person to offer me a job in the radio business over 20 years ago.  We've stayed in touch as you do with any former colleagues, through facebook and social media.  Jim moved to Seattle some years ago, and as you know - Seattle, Washington was one of the first places to have a Positive COVID-19 patient - and the city / state are STILL a hotspot.  About a month ago, Riggs saw this picture of his friend, Jim on facebook: 

Jim Z - COVID-19
not the selfie you want to see from a friend on FB...

Jim was fighting for his life against the Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

A healthy guy who had never even been to the hospital in his life.  Hear his story, what it felt like, how it impacted his life, how he thinks he MIGHT have contracted it, what the treatment was like, and how he's now using his plasma to help treat many others - all in this interview below: 

Jim was also kind enough to share some pics you can check out while you listen:

The face of COVID-19, on my friend Jim Ziegler.
The many faces of COVID-19, on my friend Jim Ziegler.

His Doctors & Nurses...the team that helped Jim fight for his life. 

Some of Jim's caregivers, Doctors, Nurses in the hospital.
Some of Jim's caregivers, Doctors, Nurses in the hospital.

This is a very real disease.  If you don't think you can get it, think again...because it is a harsh reality for many.  Please take this seriously.

Riggs friend, Jim fighting COVID-19
Riggs friend, Jim fighting COVID-19

Luckily through treatment and perseverence, Jim made a full recovery and lives to tell his tale.  Thank you for sharing your story, buddy.  

Jim AFTER COVID-19 - looking good, dude


A few things here to take with you: 

1.  Take this seriously.  Please. 

2. Have some RESPECT for eachother in this difficult time.  That means give people their space and practice safe social distancing, follow the "Safer at Home" order while it is in effect until at least April 24.   Understand that even if YOU aren't troubled by this, MANY people are...

3. Even if you don't show signs, you can still be a carrier of COVID-19.  We are still learning about this virus every day.  

4. Please get over being personally inconvienced by this.  We all get it, and it sucks.  But guess what?  EVERYONE IS IMPACTED BY THIS whether you want to accept it or not.  Think of OTHERS not just yourself.  

5. Stay home AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE. LIMIT your grocery runs / essential "going out" trips - try pickup or delivery if you can swing it.  

6.  Wash your damn hands :o) 


Again to Jim - thanks for sharing your story.  Wishing you health and wellness and a lifetime story to tell the world!


For the latest on the COVID-19 outbreak from the CDC, please GO HERE.