Dog Dumped Finds Help From Local Humane Society

September 12, 2017

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In Brookfield, a dog was forcibly removed from a black SUV, the owners keeping her out by putting their foot out the door, and drove off, leaving her on the side of Barker Road.  Witnesses immediately leapt into action, bringing Gracie, as they had named her, to Elmbrook Humane Society to be treated there by people who could love and care for her.  She was very malnourished, dehydrated, and was in very bad shape.  While she is at the shelter, she is not available for adoption quite yet.  Many have expressed interest in bringing her into their loving home, but the first and foremost thing the staff at Elmbrook need to make sure of is that she's healthy enough to go home.

It's against the law to just dump an animal like the owners of Gracie had.  There are other options if you really do not want your dog anymore, and they are more humane.  You should NEVER do this to any animal, regardless of your situation.  While there is a $35 fee for surrendering an animal, that fee can be waived in the situation of a financial struggle.  There are other ways to deal with this, and the owners of Gracie really should have done this differently.  We are very glad that Gracie is doing okay and we hope she goes to a loving home when she's better.

If anyone has any information on who may have dumped her, you are encouraged to call Elmbrook Humane Society at 262-782-9261.  

The shelter also has a fundraising page that you can donate to to help Gracie recover.

To read more about Gracie, please click here.